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I know haiku is mostly for nature themed prose

but I thought to try something different for today’s letter X, so here goes:

Using the 5-7-5 parameters…


Widely, hugs/kisses

Texted, backwards to me it seems.

Strictly parsed: kissed/hugged


Joining: NF Abstract Wednesday, Rurality, Alphabe-Thursday


For my Abstract I chose a simple silo2013-10-19 12.26.57 PaperArtist_2013-10-18_12-34-52

Pencil Camera app top/Paper Artist app bottom

XOXO…now consider yourselves kissed and hugged♫♪

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  1. Both lovely…the simplicity of the first is very special.

  2. Beautiful photo, an abstraction wonderful!

  3. the first one i my favourite. I like the simplicity of it and the coloring.

  4. Your haiku is something to ponder. 🙂
    When I saw the silo I was thinking space shuttle.
    Nice edits!

  5. Fun haiku and love the ‘zen like quality’ to your photography ~ beautiful! ~ carol, xx

  6. feeling loved all of a sudden!

    love the silo – it’s perfect…

  7. I think this is perfect! I really like things that are a great surprise, and delightful too. Bravo!

  8. Very nice haiku- I wouldn’t have known where to go for “x”. Nice silo edit too!

  9. Your abstract turned out nicely!

  10. cute haiku! Love your silo! {:-Deb

  11. love the simplicity of the pencil version

  12. I love the edits! The first one of the silos almost looks apocalyptic – it has a really bleak sort of feel to it.

  13. What a creative post for the letter X. Love the silo!

  14. Now silos are something I don’t see much any more. This one is a beauty, and I like your edit. 🙂

  15. Exquisite images – and thanks for visit!

  16. fun photo apps!
    and a fun haiku as well!

  17. Love the Pencil Camera effect. It really captures the essence of the scene.

  18. Clever post for X!

  19. I love the way the Paper Artist app looks…

    eXceptional post for the letter “X”!

    Thanks for linking.


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