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So, I’m thinking in about 50 years we may not have wires for birds to balance on, what with power lines being buried and everyone going wireless….What do you think?


Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Weekly Top Shot


2013-08-29 11.52.01





2013-08-29 11.49.47


2013-08-29 11.39.26


Original, through my Postal truck’s windshield♫

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  1. Oh yes that is true, but they will be with us for more years than most! So those birds will linger longer!

  2. I sure hope you’re right….I have a wonderful view of a river, but it is ruined by about twenty different wires and a transformer box,,,,

  3. I love your composition, and the color alterations look great too. Blessings!

  4. Very interesting and creative …!

  5. I hope so. The wires in your photo are pretty neat. Back here there are too many. They are tangled and looks dangerous.

    Thanks for sharing this on OYGIF. Have a great weekend.

  6. Interesting thoughts! Creative and special!

  7. I like simple shots like this. Your edits are pretty amazing, too,.

  8. In new areas, residential power lines may be buried but high voltage power lines to and from stations will likely remain above ground in our life time.

  9. Oh my…that is such a sad thought! And it is probably true :(.

  10. I agree. The telephone co. was putting in some underground wire in my neighborhood last week.
    That’s a lot of birds on that wire! Love the posterized effect.

  11. Never fear – there are always trees, fence posts, rain gutters, and roofs even if there aren’t a lot of overhead lines. I like your various treatments of this shot.

  12. Probably true… hopefully there will still be trees… Thank you for joining in ‘Weekly Top Shot #98’ Hope to see you next Saturday for #99…

  13. I like the orange one, it looks ominous like the future that is awaiting the ‘wireless’ birds. Like Maria said, here, there’s so many wires all tangled up. It’s hard to get a clear shot of the sky .

  14. Yesa great composition with cables and birds!

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