Time Zoom

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time cascades into
hectic holidaze-
time zoom

Fiddled with a mantel clock we just refurbished, using my Samsung Galaxy III and a variety of apps.
Abc Wednesday, letter Z
NF Digital Art Meme


It’s not merely that God founded and found me, but that I am now found in God, through Jesus Christ the Lord…
May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

17 Responses

  1. You can create art with your camera that would be very difficult with a brush and paint.

  2. Nice picture Laurie, thank God we can’t make time stop or hurry

  3. excuse me while I hallucinate…


  4. cool processing…reminds me of Dali’s clocks!!

  5. Very artistic picture !

  6. Hi Lorie,
    that clock looks great, my thought was just like Marsha’s :))
    Great job!

  7. Like some artistic bubble of time floating through the air. Lovely.

  8. the twisted clock in a new version 🙂

  9. Love it. Reminds me of Dali’s painting.

  10. Persistence of Memory revived! Salvador Dali would be proud!

  11. Amazing I thought I was having a dizzy spell !
    Clever work with some good imagination,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  12. Wonderful shape. My stepsister has an actual working clock that is similar in shape to what you have here.

  13. Cool! This digital alteration has a very surreal feel, reminiscent of Salvador Dali’s work. Blessings!

  14. Wonderful composition reminds me of Dali!

  15. Thanks for your words of faith. I say :”Amen to that”

  16. Great image! Reminds me of Dali, too.

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