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Cloud formation at dusk last night (Monday the 8th).  The building below it is a park pavilion.

Thunderbumpers over Lake Michigan as seen from the western suburb where I live♫


NF Catching The Light


2013-07-08 20.26.15

Happy July!

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  1. I like those clouds, good job, nice photo!

  2. Very July!

  3. I have never heard of “thunderbumper’ before, thank you for introducing it to mi :). That’s a beautiful sky shot, I love clouds especially fluffy pink ones :)/

  4. A thunderbumper?
    Beautiful all the same.
    Best whishes 🙂

  5. You have caught the most amazing light! I like the composition too – ad the contrast between the flat black areas and the that explosion of colour.

  6. Beautiful clouds, I like their colors and how light shines through them.

  7. lol, those clouds are on fire. 🙂

  8. Sky watching can be an amazing thing. Such beauty in the clouds.

  9. an ominous looking cloud formation… what a sky! =)

  10. Beautiful! We could use some of those, here in hot, DRY Central Texas.

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