Three Quarter Moon

Three Quarter Moon


A brush with the night,

Fresh from a day of full sunlight.

Awaiting tomorrow’s promise.

Releasing hope in the quiet.


Combining prose with photos♫


NF Catching the Light

Inspire Me Monday

 Pointillism app

Van Gogh app


Just really liked the 3/4 moon with the 3/4 poof of the dandelion!

Have a great week♫♪


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  1. I love the image, too, and I love the second filter you have used, too!!!

  2. Found and following from Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.

    I know you have probably answered this question ad nauseum, but how did you do those?

    • Laurie Kazmierczak

      I use th Lab application …a free download on my Samsung smart phone

  3. Moonlight is always soothing…

    Have a lovely week. 🙂

  4. That beauty … delicious blue, I like the original and also with the application!

  5. Great post. Great art.

  6. Fabulous!!!

  7. I can’t decide which pyctoglyps I like best Laurie, they are wonderful.
    Thanks for visiting us at

  8. I love the simplicity of the third, the movement of the second and the sparkle of the first’ Great processing!

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