Swing Session

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chains and plastic
creaking in crisp air-
limited seating

I try to get to the playground daily for a swing session with my grandson…
I like the orange,  but included the blued one.
Using my Samsung Galaxy III.
Geometric Friday #6
Orange You Glad It’s Friday





May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

10 Responses

  1. very cool processing…I also photographed a swing yesterday too- but just your basic tire type!

  2. Yes, I like a lot of fun with the swings, and creative, beautiful pictures!

  3. Amazing what you achieve with your Samsung. Gotta admire your creativity..kudos.

  4. You turned an ordinary “something or other” into an artwork! Love it. Thanks for sharing on Geometric Friday:)

  5. Both make an artistic change from the original. Very creative!

  6. Lori found the right comment: Your artwork is creative and fine!

  7. Nice edits of a favorite pastime–but with big ol’ hunks of wood, and we survived!

  8. Neat! The effects are really interesting.

  9. The orange is just a shade brighter than sepia.
    Your grandson is fortunate to have you to take him to the playground.

  10. cool. I prefere the blue in front of the orange one. 🙂

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