Stroller Ride

‘Fly swatter please’
‘Here’s your ice water’-
A miscommunication indeed!

This ‘pet fly’ hitched a ride atop the stroller and I thought the mesh would make an interesting photo…using my Samsung Galaxy III

Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Alphabe-Thursday, Letter S





May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

9 Responses

  1. too funny! great photo and filter! I have a fly for my one of my posts tomorrow too!!

  2. You are very thoughtful for giving the fly his moment in history. Very Creative!

  3. Wow!! How cool is that?! I love the effects you keep generating.

  4. Very interesting and wonderful composition, I really like

  5. Ice water! Sounds like the way my husband hears!

  6. I love this one. You are inspiring me to play with my photos more!

  7. Fly photo greatness. This is really awesome. I’m surprised the little guy hung around so long.

  8. Wow, how cool! I enjoy messing with Photoshop, but I’m honestly not a very good photographer.

  9. Nice “Fly” picture, Laurie. I see you caught him on the crawl and not on the ‘fly’.
    Am I missing the “S” for Stroller here somehow? I have a fly I need to post, I think it will fit when we come to the “U’s”, any guesses?

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