Stopped along the road to capture some interesting weeds and my camera phone snapped this on its own….so I made it into an abstract:


NF Abstract on Wednesday


2013-09-10 10.42.50 abstract

2013-09-10 10.42.54poster

Weeds that first caught my interest♫

2013-09-10 10.42.54 2013-09-10 10.42.50


8 Responses

  1. you did the right thing. Weeds are great targets for abstract. 🙂 Love it.

  2. Beautiful ~ nature has such beauty and you captured it ~ carol, xo

  3. I love weeds, too. I like the editing you did.

  4. Loving all of the different variations.

  5. I like that you used nature to start with…Michelle

  6. You must have a very smart smartphone if it takes great pictures like this on its own! Love your abstract.

  7. Yes, lovely photo, very nice colors, excellent composition!

  8. Weeds can be used for so much.
    I do like the way YOU’ve used them 🙂
    Have a nice day 🙂

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