Prickly Burrs

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October 26 is the third Sunday of the year (a walk for each season) to document a blogger’s walk. I simply walked my neighborhood, then took a shortcut through some woods to get back to my house.  I’ll be picking off the grabby little burrs from my coat after I’ve published this.
Blogger’s Sunday Walk
Mandarin Orange Monday
Abc Wednesday,letter P

Orange You Glad It’s Friday


Mild temperature and blue skies


Neighbors were burning leaves


Prickly burrs grabbed my coat


I stood in the shade of a mighty oak to snap a rural view.


The orange-ified version shows off the limbs.

May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

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  1. Those prickly burrs are difficult to get off. Looks like aa wonderful walk!

  2. Very cool photos of the tree shadow. Yes burrs are a pain but they photograph so nicely!

  3. wow, burning leaves look more than amazing!

  4. love the still burning ashes. 🙂

  5. Amazing works of art. You are discovering diamonds in your own backyard!

  6. Exquisite compositions, I love the shade of the tree!

  7. Love the shadow shots and the prickly burs !

  8. The shadow of the tree looks like a Halloween feature:)

  9. Of course I like your “orangified” version best! Great composition and processing. Thanks for sharing with Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  10. wow, the burning leaves look like the volcanic flow in Hawaii!


  11. Great shadow pictures.

  12. What a fun walk and lovely pictures!

  13. Interesting walk and the experimenting with the photos is also quite amazing! Thanks for sharing.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  14. Love the blue background and prickly burrs shot and the mighty oak, wow!

  15. For a moment there I thought the fire was flowing lava. All your photos are wonderful, unique shots.

  16. Looks like a lovely day for a walk and your pictoglyphs add another dimension.

  17. Several themes here. Great post.
    Happy ABCW!

  18. an impressive walk you’ve made!

  19. Whoa! Leaf burning is illegal in this neck of the woods….. Nice bucolic neighborhood you live in!

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