Preserved for posterity

Found this dead Monarch butterfly near my flowers and decided to immortalize it in a photograph.


Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Weekly Top Shot


2013-08-15 14.36.46

magic app

2013-08-14 14.52.56



Happy Week-end♫


5 Responses

  1. Beautiful photo, nice composition, very beautiful butterfly, I really like.

  2. I must say, that’s not what I expected for it to be immortalized! Different but very cool.

  3. Beautiful! Love the way you outlined it on the first photo.

    Glad you decided to share your photos on Orange you glad it’s Friday. Thanks for joining and I hope to see you again next weekend.

    Happy Sunday Laurie!

  4. Neat idea, I like the processing. I have 2 swallowtail’s that will probably emerge from chrysalis today 🙂 If so, the camera will be busy.

  5. So creative!

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