Pine Corn

I was in awe as I contemplated this tiny pine growth.
My attempt at haiku:

Pine corn
Spritely beginnings
Niblet like, stretching sunward    
Statuesque, mighty.

NF Catching The Light

image казино адмирал не даст однообразию

6 Responses

  1. That is cool! I have not noticed these tiny corn cobs on the pine trees!!

  2. A very good Haiku, far more than just an attempt … and it speaks well of the picture. I see these on pines around here, but never thought of them as “corn”. I have to tell you that I love your bear with attitude and you look so much like my Aunt Janet it took me back for a minute. She was one beautiful lady inside and out, as are you …

    Andra @ From The Sol

  3. Very nice corn, delicious photo!

  4. how interesting. I have never seen this before. And they look a little like corn. 🙂

  5. A pine corn? It sounds…. cool LOL

  6. Cute! Is it a corn that is edible? Never seen this!

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