O Spacious Skies

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Wonderful summer day here…captured this in my neighborhood♫♪

Prêt-à-Vivre (ready to waltz)

nuff said

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  1. Brilliant capture!

  2. Made my morning.
    Lovely to see.
    ALl the best and a happy day 🙂

  3. That beautiful sky with a light exquisite!

  4. A beautiful picture of the sunshine through the clouds!

  5. What interesting cloud formations!!!

  6. Stunning sky. I really do like it.

  7. that is a gorgeous sky. Glad you took a photo to share. 🙂

  8. What a lovely sky! Such a rich blue and interesting clouds.

  9. Wonderful majestic photo ~ nature is so beautiful! Happy Day ^_^

  10. Laurie,
    Great capture to share! What a beautiful way to start the day.

  11. Wow…gorgeous sky shot!

  12. What a spectacular sky Laurie, I am so glad you captured and shared it with us.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  13. The light in the sky is beautiful. I wish we had that here today…heavy rain. Your image is almost magical.

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