NEVE (né·vé)

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snowy drifts
blanketing tree trunks-
branches dance

My dictionary app alerted me to this word:
né·vé [ney-vey]


granular snow accumulated on high mountains and subsequently compacted into glacial ice.

This arctic air kept me from the scheduled  ‘Sunday Blogger’s Walk’ but I did walk to the dead end of my street for a snowy woods shot.
NF Digital Art Meme-featuring sepia effects
Sunday Bloggers Walk-winter
Alphabe-Thursday, letter N




It’s not merely that God founded and found me, but that I am now found in God, through Jesus Christ the Lord…
May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

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  1. The pictures are a reminder that while the trees are without leaves in the cold of winter and look to be dead, they are very much alive and will soon be clothed with leaves. Spring bring forth life!

  2. A new word to me and dancing trees. Fun!

  3. Wonderful composition, delicious ways, pretty pictures!

  4. lovely winter scene

  5. last image made me smile. I´m glad this forest is not for real. I would get dizzy in there 🙂

  6. I like the last edit.

  7. The lsat one is an enchanted forest!

  8. I love that bottom one!

  9. I love the dancing trees in your third image. 🙂

  10. Very wintery scene and some neat edits. The colors are pretty in the 2nd shot but I was mesmerized by the last version. Super cool looking.

  11. I love the wavy trees. I like the colored one, too. Have you thought of combining them —color and wavy lines?

    “Neve” (pronounced néh-vee) is also the Portuguese word for snow. It is spelled the same (but don’t know how it’s pronounced) in Italian. In Spanish it’s “nieve.”

  12. Pretty Snow, Pretty Places. But the cold offsets the beauty, Laurie. I don’t like to get cold.

  13. Lovely wintery shots and that final one and the words are beautiful. Blessings to you and enjoy a glorious weekend.

  14. Lori, I like all three photos but the third one is special!

  15. OOPS,

    I spelled your name wrong, LAURIE! Sorry!

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