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hyacinth in white
dainty buzzers collecting-
excess for purchase

My neighbor sells honey, so this may be a honey bee. I was delighted  to see several busily going from flower to flower. Using my Samsung Galaxy III.
NF Catching The Light
Abc Wednesday, letter N

Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Weekly Top Shot


Cropped with silk app


It’s not merely that God founded and found me, but that I am now found in God, through Jesus Christ the Lord…
May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

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  1. That’s quite an interesting edit. The petals are so white, especially with that little visitor for contrast.

  2. Oh beautiful!!

    Such pretty pictures, Laurie. That is some really pretty light and you’ve done some awesome work on that picture. This is going to be another of my favourites on this blog. I swear, some of your work makes me want to pick up my brushes.
    Happy Spring!!

  3. Very beautiful flowers, delicious photos!

  4. My lavender bushes have been attracting so many bees; it would be wise for any of my neighbors to make honey as well.

  5. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing.
    Wil, ABCW

  6. Great title for the bee and flower!

  7. important creature in this ecosystem


  8. they are blooming here too. Lovely flowers and light.

  9. Laurie, I think bees are among my favorite creatures. God knows we won’t last if we don’t take care of our buzzy little guys… I like the effect you used to create the silkscreen look for your photo! Amy

  10. As you might know by now, i mostly like the photographs more than the artwork…. but on this occassion i like the artwork better.

    Nice Laurie, very nice!

  11. Wow! I love your boldness and creativity, Laurie.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  12. Excellent cropping and another marvelous ‘painterly’ editing effect. Kudos yet again.

  13. Wonderful dear Laurie, again in this week. I love this first picture with the fine pattern in the white areas. Great for OYGIF.
    Cheers, Heidrun

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