Maple Leaves

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spot of color-
may pull maple
into autumn’s arms

The transition has begun…using my Samsung Galaxy III and a shear effect in PicsArt…I ran my finger over the leaves and left the bokah filter in the background. 
Orange you glad it’s Friday

ABC Wednesday, letter M


May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

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  1. cool…will have to try this…
    Beautiful colours in the leaves.
    Love the bokeh!

  2. Thanks for the photo. I love October and the color of the transformed leaves. Our Creator is the Master Painter!

  3. Lovely shot! Wish more light had gotten to the leaves, but, ya gotta take what is available. Super bokeh!

  4. I really like the light and fall color, a wonderful photo!

  5. I’m going to be raking maple leaves well into the fall! Lovely photo…

  6. Lovely results…

  7. Oh, cool with pixelation only in the background!

  8. Beautiful !

  9. Isn’t that a hockey team?

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  10. Colors have not changed much in Seoul. I especially enjoy the colors of the maple tree 🙂
    Very pretty!

  11. I love the way the autumn leave standout against the green. Blessings!

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