Look. Sharp.

While I consider myself to be a songwriter, it is mostly for my own enjoyment.  So my first thought upon seeing this week’s Haiku prompt was to think ♪!


Haiku Heights: Prompt-Sharp

Look #♪


Flats, sharps: shapes benign.

Music is my second skin…

A language sublime♪

So with the overusage of hashtags, I’m not sure I can use the official sharp (#) sign to use in my title.

What’s your opinion? Is it better to title it “Look. Sharp.”?


Sheet Music to Ordinary Words
Sheet Music to Ordinary Words

7 Responses

  1. loved it!!! your title is apt 🙂

  2. i feel the music ! nicely tuned !

  3. This is a beautiful and clever on the prompt!! Awesome. I never once thought of the sharps in music!!! ♥

  4. Your haiku is sublime. It has a melody and cadence all it’s own. REALLY GOOD!

  5. Loved this musical play on the prompt 🙂

  6. Ahh the notes of music. Beautiful take on the prompt.

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