Light…in a two-track town

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We have no traffic light in our little town, but the Railroad light is a familiar sight.  Often a train is stopped while another passes by and we are obliged to WAIT♫  


NF Catching the Light


Alphabe-Thursday letter L


Antique painting app


cartoon app


Van Gogh app

2013-07-31 16.39.01

magic app

2013-07-31 07.55.50

original…it was a bit foggy

Hope you don’t have to wait long at your next train stoppage!


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  1. Yes, those versions are interesting!

  2. I really like the first one. The mood is just right!

  3. Lovely pictures! I wish you a great week!

  4. Very interesting photos to see!

  5. I really like that first picture. I can’t think of anywhere here in our city that you have to stop and wait for a train! Then again, maybe I’ve just never had to stop for one??

  6. Very creative photo editing and intriquing ‘train stop’ ~ hope the trains aren’t long ~ thanks, carol xo

  7. Ooh! I think my favorites are your original, the VanGogh app and the antique one….
    I love trains and hearing their whistles blow as they pass through our town. I recently went to a very cute town and that is the first time that I have seen the actual train tracks literally go through town, right down Main Street! If you are having lunch in the small town cafe, and a train goes through, it’s best to wail til it passes before you step out!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If you get a chance, stop on over :o) And if you do, please leave a comment so that I know you were there. :o)

  8. lovely shots… no lights in my little town either. isn’t it grand?

  9. how annoying that can be. But using the stop to get shots for abstract art is not bad, 🙂 The last one is my favourite. 🙂

  10. Love the antique look.

  11. LOVE that you made the most of a moment in time, love the foggy shot most… Thanks for sharing on RBH this week!

  12. Interesting light and processing too! I like the abstract quality -especially of the third one.

  13. love the colours

  14. What fun apps!
    The Van Gogh one is very cool!

  15. The different applications for the photographs are very interesting…

    I like the antique painting one the most…

    I remember railroad lights like this one back in OH…

    Lovely post for the letter “L”!

    Thanks for linking.


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