Life In A Slow Lane

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I used to avoid driving behind haulers, but I find interesting abstracts in their cargo. Today’s drive offered this….
Wire fencing.
NF Abstract Wednesday

Weekly Top Shot

Alphabe-Thursday, Letter A for Abstract




Have a great week and be safe out there!

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  1. Very creative, Laurie, being able to look at something ordinary and turning it into a work of art.

  2. Isn’t art wonderful … who else but an artist could drive down the road and see art in this picture. I love that … it makes our lives far more interesting. And I love your abstract … so very clever.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Who’d a thought that you could make art from a truck hauling fencing? It takes an artist to see the beauty in everyday things, doesn’t it?

    I posted by first photo/abstract today. Please stop by.

  4. I´ve never seen a cargo like that before. Love how you used it to create a find abstract. 🙂

  5. Great work, as always!

  6. A beautiful creation, which pretty textures!

  7. That’s an interesting edit!

  8. I quickly get around those trucks — and semi’s too — it panics me to think of wire fencing or logs or whatever loosening and falling off. Yikes! But the photo is a good one!!!

  9. looks like logs! Love your abstract! {:-D

  10. beautiful rendition!

  11. Laurie ~ Excellent and so creative for A ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. I don’t like the black exhaust.

  13. So creative & great textures!

  14. 1. I wish I could paint like you.
    2. I wish I could visit Sugar Grove – sounds lovely 🙂
    Wren x

  15. Oh, that’s interesting!
    I just got back from a six-hour (one way) road trip and found myself following a truck carrying a load of pipes. If I hadn’t been driving I would have photographed it.

  16. Laurie!

    I do this, too!

    The coolest thing I saw lately was a giant load of reclaimed beams. They were all different colors in an incredible mosaic. My husband tried to get behind them so I could take a picture but it didn’t work out!

    I love your manipulation of these neat images!

    An amazing link for the letter “A”.

    Thank you for sharing it.


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