Koi Pond Lily Pad

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koi pond cover
coy blooms arise-
shine on

Found a lily pad to photograph while looking at wedding sites for my daughter. Using my Samsung Galaxy III and a Paper Picture app
ABC Wednesday, letter K
Digital Art Meme



May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors.

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  1. very cool texture…it looks like the ridges etc are real..like textured paper

  2. It is interesting that the white flower changed to gold. Beautiful lily pond.

  3. lovely compare and contrast!


  4. I like the muted colors. The texture reminds me of stucco.

  5. Very interesting, I like it, nice textures, beautiful photos!

  6. The first pictoglyph here looks a bit like Van Gogh. Think i could probably copy it. I like copying paintings, you can learn so much.

  7. Love the oil paint texture!

  8. beautiful textured art!

  9. Love what you did in the first image!

  10. Lovely processing!

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