K…short for I’m OK

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My cat died last week.

She’d lived a fine life for 14 years. I took her to the vet hoping he could snap her out of her ‘depression’ but, alas, she had kidney failure- confirmed by a blood sample.  She was not going to make a recovery.  So in the parking lot of my workplace I told him to go ahead and “put her to sleep”.

I was most upset because I couldn’t bring myself to go to his office and say goodbye one last time, knowing I would be too choked up to drive home!  

I had snuggled and made her comfortable that last night at home, but I expected to be nursing her back to health the very next day.

So last Saturday, I fell sound asleep on the couch when suddenly she pounced on my chest, purring and demanding attention.  Right away I felt compelled to get her some food and set out her water bowl; then I asked “How did you get here?!” From behind me in the kitchen my mother said “I retrieved her from the vet’s for you!” Then of course I woke up…

My mother passed away in 2011 at age 91.  Cat lover and solid Christian woman that she was, it heartened me immensely.  So now I have a nice fuzzy image of my mother welcoming my Tess.  Whether or not animals are resurrected or not, I have no clue, but I have the hope for sure♫


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Pop Vintaged Tess

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  1. I don’t know whether it is better when someone dies suddenly, or if they have a short illness so you can say goodbye… I am so sorry for your loss!!!!
    But I love these images of Tess!!!

  2. Very sorry for your loss, I am a pet lover, especially cats. It’s hard when they go.

  3. Oh dear. Your mother told you in your dream that your lovely cat is OK now and have a good life where she is. The hardest thing ever is to survive the first week then it is going to be a bit more easy – but not that easy though – Been there done that – What a lovely abstract you made !! .. Thank you so much for sharing your hard moment and yet be that brave to add a picture of her.

  4. I nearly cry when I read your story, feeling so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lose your pet after many years. Comforting you had such a nice dream of both your mother and your cat.
    Take care!
    And thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  5. *sigh* So difficult to lose a pet. I lost a cat earlier this summer and my 19 year old cat is not doing well. Sending love.

  6. What a wonderful post ~ so sad yet so loving and your dream is a miracle that I am glad you had ~ lots of healing hugs to you ~

  7. So sorry about your kitty. She looks like she was very well loved. Thanks for stopping in at my blog today.

  8. So sorry to hear about your cat. This post is a sweet tribute to her.

  9. I too am sorry for your loss – it is very sad. And I do love the pop art images of Tess:)

  10. a great way to deal with the loss. 🙂 My favourite is the sepia.

  11. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s not easy to lose a friend, especially one that has been with you for so many years.

  12. I love that story! I hope our animal friends have an “after life”…

  13. Oh I’m so sorry about Tess. It’s rough to lose a furry friend, especially after so many years with you. Your dream has got to mean that your mother was welcoming Tess 🙂
    I’ve had two cats die in my arms, both after much loving and then telling them it was OK to let go. Tess looks a lot like my sweet Sam who was one of those cats.

  14. what a lovely connection with your mother and Tess. I think they’re keeping each other company! {:-Deb

  15. (((HUGS))) and condolences

  16. Laurie, thanks for leaving this URL when you commented. As always, I immediately visit the commenter’s blog.

    I believe in the hereafter; I don’t think it’s like actually seeing your loved ones per se, perhaps a glimpse so you won’t be scared. But while we are on earth, we are visited and even advised by our loved ones, both in sleep and when awake. I get little warnings from Grandma Blanche all the time, and it’s saved my life twice, literally.

    LOVED the Warhol version of Tess. She reminds me of our late, great Gable, a snorty little boy with that big hangy-down pouch that older neutered male cats get. Man, he was something. And our cat Missy, well, she wrote her own poem. Amy (first of three poems:)

  17. This was such a heartfelt post for the letter “K”…

    I am really sorry to hear about your losses…

    It sounds like your kitty had a kind soul!

    Thanks for linking.


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