It’s Beginning…♪

The snow has fallen and the roads have been cleared so I’m handling this holiday run-up pretty well.  Was a bit dicey out there delivering mail, trying not to slide into boxes, but all in all it’s been great so far♪

The local Lions Club held their annual poinsettia sale and I will try to water and care for it properly this year….

Have a wonder filled holiday!




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  1. I too have sworn to care for my poinsettia. I keep trying to get mine to grow outside. My mother did. Have a great Christmas.

  2. Ah poinsettia….I need to get some for me! :). Each year I always say I’m going to take better care of them. This year I REALLY mean it! Thanks for joining in on Song-ography.

  3. Good luck with your poinsettia! Mine always end up looking spindly.

  4. They are such lovely flowers. I really like the variegated ones but alas with cats in the house I can’t have them. Yours is so festive looking.

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