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            tanker posterized               
imposing and polished truck-
my standard commute

Stopped traffic can bring about a photo op…using my Samsung Galaxy III, a poster app then applying an HDR and a fisheye feature in a PicsArt app, all on my phone…basically I fiddled with it until I liked it.

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I’m half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times. It’s best not to ask questions and just enjoy.

Lady Gaga


Happy trails!

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  1. I like it, especially the blues and blue-violets. It reminds me of a big satellite dish or a large reflective telescope mirror. (I saw a documentary about making a huge mirror for a telescope and how they had to transport it across the country —so maybe I was thinking of it.)

  2. I have been in this place. Tanker trucks are so full of photo opportunity. I love what you have done with it and I drool at your ap options. Me I am stuck with PSE which is great, but doesn’t do some of the things you can do. Great job Laurie …

  3. The photo is really beautiful, very original what you’ve created with that truck!

  4. This is a nice fantasy picture.

  5. Very creatively done! – Thanks for participating in Wisdom Wednesday!
    Have a nice day!

  6. a truck. Looking closer, yes it is. But my first impression was something cool made with my mirror. 🙂

  7. That’s cool. Those phones are fiddle with aren’t they!

  8. It’s amazing what can be done on a phone. Great picture.

  9. A very interesting effect. Greetings from Warsaw.

  10. Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on the Weekly Top Shot, #143!

  11. Fabulous color and composition! It took me a while to see that it was a tanker.

  12. Very creative!

  13. Such an original photo!

  14. goodness, if I saw that on the road, I know it would scare me. What our minds can think up! {:-D

  15. That looks so cool.

  16. This is incredibly interesting!

    I love your imagination!

    Thanks for sharing it.


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