Hike Hazards

hiking or biking
make time to smell the roses-
don’t fall into them!

Found some purple flowers along a riverbank on my walk yesterday…had to carefully get to them since they were off the trail. Using my Samsung Galaxy III. ..
NF Digital Art Meme



It’s not merely that God founded and found me, but that I am now found in God, through Jesus Christ the Lord…
May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

8 Responses

  1. Very pretty abstract.

  2. Beautiful. Glad you were able to get to them safely!

  3. An enchanting watercolour effect. And the touch of textured canvas adds some character.

  4. Yes, I like the bright colors you’ve got these beautiful flowers

  5. Lovely lively colors! Digital painting at its best.
    Best wishes to you.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  6. that´s a cool app. I totally love it! It created a great abstract.

  7. WOW! I love what the APP did!

  8. Beautiful edit! I love those little purple flowers.

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