Flower Shower

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Bought some sunny flowers from my grocery store…they remind me of my shower scrunchies.
A bit rainy today in Chicagoland with dirt covered snow still reminding us it’s still winter for a couple more days.  Happy Spring!
NF Abstract Wednesday
Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Weekly Top Shot



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  1. I like both of them.

    Did you change the layout of the blog? I don´t recognize it. 🙂

  2. Two very beautiful shots!!! Can’t pick my favourite… I love both!

  3. Bright flowers on a rainy day, photography and fun … yeah for you Laurie! I like the second edit.
    The calendar says “Spring Begins” tomorrow, I don’t think Mother Nature got the memo.

  4. I like both, but the second is my favourite. Gorgeous!

  5. Bright and aunny, just what I neede on this grey morning,
    Lovely editing on the last one.
    All the best 🙂

  6. Nice composition! I love the raindrops!

  7. Beautiful pictures!

  8. I especially like the 2nd pic — one can readily discern the 3-D quality of the layers — water droplets, flower, background — makes for a more ‘plastic’ image.

  9. What wonderfully creative photographs ~ I love petroglyphs ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  10. Interesting variations!

  11. The second photo is refreshing. Love those raindrops.

  12. These are beautiful! I love the muted colors, especially in the first one. Blessings!

  13. They are both lovely, but the one with the droplets is my fave!

  14. Heisann! Great!!!
    Have a nice week ;:OD)

  15. The droplets make the second my favorite. They add another dimension.

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