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white petunias pressed
        slivered silver prettily-      
trumpeting glory.

Found a new embossing feature when I did an update on an my PixelArtist app. 
NF Abstract Wednesday

Alphabe-Thursday, letter E

Weekly Top Shot




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  1. They do look like embossed silver. Thanks for sharing your discoveries with us, Laurie.

  2. Yes, it does look like metal. There is a forge about 30 miles from us. They create embossed designs on plates, trays, etc. They look very much like this. Find an example here: https://www.wendellaugust.com/items/Dogwood_Accessory_Tray_2166

    Interesting that I included a Photoshop tutorial on using the Embossing or Bas Relief applications —with a completely different kind of result —with my abstract photo today.

  3. I am envious … I assume you have an Ipad and your app is on it. I have embossing on my PS, but it never turned out like that … beautiful. I will have to explore my filters again and see if I can have more success. Very nice, Laurie

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Wow!! the original is pretty blah, but the embossed version is just so incredible!!!

  5. Wonderful colors, exquisite flowers! Nice pictures! Magnificent light off!

  6. Very beautiful…I want to run my fingers over it!

  7. Ooh, nice effect! I think I have that app, too (in fact, I think I may have read about it in one of your posts!) – must check on the update.

  8. might be the best thing I´ve seen as embossed. 🙂

  9. How interesting and what a beautiful picture you made!

  10. What an amazing app — it really does look like embossed metal!

  11. they are both so beautiful! {:-D

  12. The result is amazing !

  13. Call me weird, but I like most the original pic…

  14. That is a really interesting app, well found. I want to be able to do that too :)!!
    Wren x

  15. Lovely work.

  16. wow! That is so cool!

  17. Wow.

    I love the embossing style.

    What an exceptional manipulation tool!

    The results are so excellent.

    Thanks for sharing.


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