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vainglorious leaves
standout amidst its fellows-
early harbinger

Sometimes the original cannot be improved using ‘effects’. Used numerous filters and overlays but nothing worked on this surprisingly early turn of the leaves spotted on my stroller walk yesterday…
I’m certainly not ready for Fall!!
NF Trees and Bushes
Abc Wednesday, letter E

Orange You Glad It’s Friday


It’s not merely that God founded and found me, but that I am now found in God, through Jesus Christ the Lord…
May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

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  1. Hmmmm can imagine…

    Although i’m all about fall, love that season!

    Melody (abc-w)

  2. The effects are brilliant all by themselves. I do love fall.

  3. au naturel!


  4. I am not ready for fall, either, Laurie. I saw a branch of rusty-colored leaves and thought it another harbinger; but in fact, the branch had died. What was so interesting and ironic was that the tree was next to a staging area for ACT-14, a ride to raise money for AIDS research in Wisconsin. The sight of that one branch, seemingly “taken” amid the other, healthy branches, was chilling. Wish I had had a camera.

    Thanks, hon. Amy

  5. We’ve had such a “more than HOT” summer that the thought of autumn is very welcome. It’s my favourite season with all its colour, especially on cool but brightly sunny days! 😀

  6. We have a good amount of leaves that have fallen already on our lawn…I was not ready for that.
    Happy ABC Wednesday to you!

  7. Idk where you live, but out here in Northern California, I have seen leaves turning already.


  8. Oh my! Color this early! 🙂 Lovely expression of your faith and beautiful photo!

  9. We seem to be ahead of ourselves all around, since the early spring. I saw goldenrod along the road two weeks ago, waving its yellow head. It’s usual appearance comes at the end of August and into September.

  10. Nothing matches the natural. beautiful!

  11. Fall has come early it seems. Briiliant leaves.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  12. That’s so cool how only a few leaves turned orange. I love the colors and weather that Fall has to offer, but I’m not ready for it either. Happy OYGIF and Blessings! #2

  13. Hard to believe that you were unable to find some way to create an improved abstract … Cheers, Stan

  14. I’m not ready for fall either.

  15. Think you dear Laurie for your last comment on my Post. Now I take time reading here.
    Fall begins…. It’s true. Here in Germany too. But it’s not the season, it’s the heat. The trees lost their leaves.

    Wish you a very good Weekend

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