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heady past
memories bonded-
chilled not stirred

My decoration at my front door…using my Samsung Galaxy III
NF Digital Art Meme
Alphabe-Thursday, letter D


Paper Pictures oil app



It’s not merely that God founded and found me, but that I am now found in God, through Jesus Christ the Lord…
May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

14 Responses

  1. Very creative winter and Christmas arrangement, and the camera changes makes it a unique oil painting.

  2. Great app! That looks very much like
    an oil painting 🙂
    Have a fine day

  3. great idea to use skates as a decoration! and loving the abstract paint strokes effect

  4. You’re skating?
    Like it.
    And I like the transformations.
    Have a nice evening.

  5. I like this very creative way to convert the image into a painting, full of plasticity !!

  6. What a great door Holiday decoration ~ lovely! Great post for D

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. love that treatment! great texture…

  8. That’s lovely x

  9. I do love the edit! Wonderful!

  10. There’s something innocent and lovely about skates and sleds. Very nice. Happy Holidays! {:-D

  11. What a beautiful artwork you made from your skates:) Love the bold colour and a painterly effect. Thanks for your visit:)

  12. that looks like real oil. I wonder if those apps can be used for computers? I don´t have a fancy phone 🙂

  13. Ooooh. Ooooh! That was neat! I loved this delicious photo manipulation!

    Thank you for sharing it.

    And thanks for a delightful link to the letter D.

    Happy New Year



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