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I have been blogging regularly for a bit over a year now and have been maintaining several sites for my books, music, and photography.  Hopefully, I can integrate all of them into this site and present my books and music for sale.  I may re-blog some of my entries from the past.

My old poetry/music blog was titled Ordinary Words ( and I duplicated that blog on WordPress as Heartoons because I didn’t know which site was the easiest to maneuver through and would support an audio player that was easy to use.

I am a rural carrier for my local Post Office and I found I really enjoy taking pictures as I travel my rural route and that doing photo blog hops was quite fun.  So this site will also feature photos on a regular basis.

A poem that sums me up:

♫Teeny notes

Teeny tunes♫

Tumble round my head.

What to do?

Toss ‘em out-

Stuff’em onto bars and staffs.

Stick ‘em into other

People’s heads!

Ordinary Twitter image
Ordinary Words…my Twitter image


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  1. I used to have two blogs, one for book reviewing and the other for just blogging fun stuff, but found it too much to keep up with and went back to one blog. It’s so much easier for me this way but some readers don’t like it. I personally don’t mind visiting a blog that is eclectic 🙂 Best wishes on your consolidation!

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