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summer sheen
harbor excitement-

Visited Vancouver this past summer and thought I’d try some pixel manipulation.  Using my Samsung Galaxy III. Will be busy this weekend so am combining several memes..

Geometric Friday #10
Orange You Glad It’s Friday #116
Mandarin Orange Monday
NF Catching The Light


Pixel Artist app




May the Holy Spirit guide you in all your endeavors!

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  1. lovely original photo and I like the effects by the app too.

  2. How creative! I like these!!!
    Happy Geometric Friday!

  3. What a great and graphically skyline!

  4. A bit scary in reality with all those skyscrapers. But the digital scapes are beautiful…

  5. Very clever as usual Laurie – I would love to visit Vancover!
    Have fun on your busy weekend!

  6. Wow! That app does amazingly beautiful creations. I could easily see that middle image selling well at craft fairs. Kudos!

  7. i’m continually amazed at the art work you create with your camera!

  8. Most impressive! I love the linear quality of your Geometric composition.

  9. Yes, very nice variations, in these compositions, awesome photo!

  10. Am going back and forth between your original photo and the orange one – love them both!

  11. Wow! Interesting shot with so many boats against the buildings! The edits are beautiful-they remind me of prints!

  12. That’s a lot of tall buildings. Lovely picture.
    I bet you had fun playing with it.

  13. Great “edits” … Laurie — tell me again what app you are using on your Samsung III … I need to learn how to get more out of mine — I am always astonished when I visit, and each time I think — why oh why, am I not able to do this!!?? I am sure it is mostly due to “Operator Error” 😀

    • Laurie Kazmierczak

      I use a variety…my go-to apps are Paper Artist (love the oil apps),Pixel Artist(has the sliver effect), Pixlr Express (has the silk filter and my favorite orange filter) Candy Camera (pop art effects) and I like Picsart for the final edit since I like it’s fonts…but it has lots to offer.

  14. A cityscape makes a perfect subject for Geometric Friday. I like both of your treatments and the original photo, too.

    Sorry I’m so late in posting comments. (Life keeps interfering with my fun.)

    My Geometric Friday for last week can be found here:

  15. well, I prefere your art before the real thing. The skyline was not beautiful.

  16. That app makes for some interesting pictures!

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