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Muddy events left this ballpark backstop as a study in canvas and fencing. I tried to improve it, with limited results.
NF Abstract Wednesday

Orange You Glad It’s Friday

Also joining 

Alphabe-Thursday, Letter B….I will be featuring my abstracts for this round 🙂


Cropped and run through various filters. ..


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  1. I like both! I too was photographing through wire the last few days.. i have been away in the country. The second is beautifully subtle too.

  2. Nice, subtle design. It almost looks like a handwoven fabric.

  3. I think I prefer the first version…

  4. The latter one looks like fabric I would buy. Both look great!

  5. A beautiful creation that beautiful abstract composition !

  6. lol, you made it look like some blue colored ols type sack cloth. 🙂

  7. Interesting! The second one would definitely make a beautiful fabric. I like the first one, too – it has that muddy feeling to it!

  8. What a cool effect.

  9. The second one looks like blue jeans!

  10. Interesting share! I love that second share. That would be a terrific fabric or a unique wall covering! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the weekend.

  11. These are some great shots! I especially love the first one

  12. I love all the texture that you captured in your shot, which has a very abstract feel to it. It would make a wonderful background for a collage or digital drawing too. Blessings!

  13. At first I thought you painted it!

    Using filters would be a lot easier!

    That top one looks like a painting I would be trying to talk my husband into buying! ha!

    Thanks for a beautiful link for the letter B.


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