Ahh Summer

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Mowers were out in force along the roadsides.  Snapped this at a mailbox stop while delivering mail before they got to it..  Am glad I can see around the bends now♫

NF Catching The Light


caught the moon

Van Gogh App

Antique app
In the midst of summer now and loving it♫♪


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  1. Great image!!! I love seeing grass blooming!!! But you are right – safety comes first!!!

  2. The antique app is very nice on this one.

  3. A lovely shot and the textures you added are wonderful.

  4. I really like the cool effects in the 2nd and 3rd shots, but I prefer good old natural in the first shot. Simply beautiful.

    I’m visiting your page via ‘NF Inspiring/Catching The Light’

  5. I like the original version, it’s delicate. The edited ones are interesting too. 🙂

  6. Those app effects are really cool! This is a magical time on a summer night.. I love when the skies fade into all the colors of cotton candy.
    Our local phenologist, who has his own phenology program on the local radio, happens to be a rural mail carrier. He sure gets a great perspective of the seasons and all of their views & changes along his route! That is where his phenology observations take place.. he sees where the first spring flowers bloom in ditches, where the first trees start budding, and where the first leaves start to turn.

  7. I fell for the last picture.
    Have a nice day.


  8. nice! Love the composition on your shot. And I like your last edit. Looks like an image on cracked tile.

  9. Very nice the first picture and the third!

  10. Love these edited shots. I will have to investigate the apps. Can you point me in the right direction? Coming by from Bridgit’s Bell-thanks for visiting.

  11. Fantastic photos!

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