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OK, so this is not Haiku, but it conveys what I want it to convey♫

  Joining:  Rurality NF Abstract Wednesday, and Alphabe-Thursday letter R

2013-05-19 14.39.53


Dauntingly long driveways

Herald  ‘Welcome’

To the familiar.

Have a great week everyone♪

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  1. Great composition with brushstrokes that magnificent effect! I love it!

  2. looks like a very bad weather condition. I hope it was only the editing. But I like the look of it. 🙂

  3. Just love the trasformation.
    Have a wonderful evening 🙂

  4. Neat ~ very creative photography work ~ carol, ^_^

  5. Beautifully done and very inviting.

  6. Great processing! I love the painterly feel to it. Looks great as a monochrome.

  7. Beautiful effects of light and abstract quality.

  8. Love the photo – definitely illustrates “rurality”!

  9. Perfect combination of your photo and poetry.

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Stopping over through Ms. Jenny’s Alphabe-Thursday “R”s.

  10. It really is lovely, Laurie!

  11. Yes the words do work well with the photo.. it is still poetry with a really interesting photo…Michelle

  12. What a beautiful roadside photo!

  13. Laurie,
    I like your short poem. Our driveway is over a mile long. We pretty much welcome the familiar and unfamiliar, with the exception of unlikeable salesmen or unwanted hunters.

    Thank You for dropping in at my blog.

  14. It conveys the feeling perfectly!! 🙂

  15. love the drawing, and the poem is so true! {:-Deb

  16. You did a really good job relating the poem to your rain-filled painting…

    Your creativity is so well-rounded…

    Remarkable post for the letter “R”!

    Thanks for linking.


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